By collaborating with Sawiris foundation we were able to help them structure, design and finally launch a long awaited opportunity for future artists seeking quality education abroad to enrich their talents in the vast field of the arts and culture. The Sawiris Arts & Culture Scholarship program targets highly motivated, talented and socially engaged applicants, who are aware of the important role art plays in a flourishing and developing society. It aims at fostering these talents until they themselves are effective artists in the scene, who in return enrich their country and society with their acquired knowledge in their designated fields.


Fields include but not limited to: Music, fine arts, visual arts, digital arts, conceptual & performance arts (incl. dance, acting, performance studies), theatre studies (incl. drama, lighting, stage design, costume design, etc.) film studies (incl. script writing, directing, etc.), art history, art criticism, media design, curating and art management.