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Forever is Now

For the first time in the 4500-year-long history of the pyramids, the first international art exhibition to take place at the Giza Pyramids & the surrounding Giza Plateau, in October 2021.

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The Cairo international Art district (CIAD)

“Cairo International Art District” featuring exhibitions from international and local artists combining paintings, sculptures, installations, video art, new media arts [holograms], and sound, immersing visitors in an aura of artistic appreciation as they move through the past, present, and future of art. 



"Technocrats", is a collaboration between seven artists. The exhibit is a miniature recreation of a technocratic system, wherein the gallery itself represents the world and the artists are the ones in power. 

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The Mu’anath exhibition explored the feminine appropriation rooted in our cultural identity through photography, painting and sculpture. The perception of the Mu’anath in our day-to-day lives can take the form of an inanimate object, a person, a figure, a structure, an abstract form or even in the way we see and feel things.



"DOTS" took place at  Kodak Passageway  in Downtown Cairo and has included the artistic creations of 13 contemporary Egyptian artists. The aim of this exhibition was to showcase how captured structures create slight optical effects that evoke the sensation of movement.


Eternal light 2

"Eternal Light 2"  took place  at the Factory in Downtown Cairo and has featured a line-up of 12 Egyptian contemporary artists. The artists have brought to life the flow of light and energy of Egypt's history with the aim of connecting its past to its present. 

Reimagined Narratives

The third exhibition held at different heritage sites across Egypt brought together a diverse range of 28 contemporary Egyptian artists, who installed a unique collection of their contemporary art works in  an experiential exhibition in four main locations along Mu’iz li-Din Allah al-Fatimi Street.

"29th Letter of the Alphabet"

"The 29th Letter of the Alphabet" is part of Art d’Egypt's collateral program, running in parallel with the exhibition "Reimagined Narratives", allowing 5 different galleries to collaborate and bring the works of over 40 artists to one space.

Nothing vanishes, 
Everything transforms

Curated by Nadine Abdel Ghaffar, Nothing Vanishes, Everything Transforms was on view from October 28 - November 27, 2018, and was inaugurated with A Night at the Manial Palace Museum, under the auspices of the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities featuring the work of 28 contemporary Egyptian artists.

Figurative Encounters

Art D’Égypte and Badyã present “Figurative encounters” by artists Salah Taher and Ahmed Askalany. A unique opportunity to enjoy a dialogue between these two artists and witness a special collection from Salah Taher’s work on display for the first time ever, being exclusively shown by Art D’Égypte and Badyã, the creative city

Eternal Light: London Edition

Following on the success of Art D’Égypte’s “Night at the Egyptian Musem” in Tahrir square, October 2017, a selection was invited to be exhibited at the Egyptian Cultural Bureau in London.

Eternal light: Something old, Something new

The first exhibition on view from October 28–31, 2017, and was inaugurated with A Night of Art at the Egyptian Museum featuring 16 artworks of prominent contemporary Egyptian Artists.