Shuster + Moseley

(Plan Of The Path Of Light)
In The House Of The Hidden Places

Hand-bonded optical glass, steel base

Glyph 1 – 1.618 m x 2.591 m x 0.809 m

Glyph 2 – 2.094 m x 3.667 m x 1.777 m

Glyph 3 – 1.753 m x 1.570 m x 1.468 m

Glyph 4 – 1.000 m x 1.618 m x 1.175 m


The work counterbalances expressions of geometric form and measure that are aligned to celestial points and stellar horizons, creating a kind of optical clockwork that reveals itself in an ever-shifting paradigm of illuminated planes. It interfaces between the viewer and the cosmos, with shapes counterpoised to create glyphic expressions of im/materiality, balanced on the terrestrial horizon but activated by the path of the sun and stars.


Behind the abstract simplicity of the forms is a matrix of symbolic angles, measures and orientations, each carefully encoded with significations inspired by the optico-geometric magic of the Great Pyramid. The glass itself, whilst reflecting a future oriented aesthetic reminiscent of technological interfaces and contemporary architectures, in fact becomes like a timeless spiritual medium, suspended between materiality and transparency; the visible and the invisible.The work intends to create a kind of interdimensionality by opening up these screenic interfaces, linking the experience of the present to both the ancient world and our future technological landscape.

Shuster + Moseley by Roman Scott-2.jpg

Shuster + Moseley is the conceptual art studio of Claudia Moseley (b.1984) and Edward Shuster (b. 1986). The artists create light-mobiles, sculptural installation, and immersive, meditative environments reflecting on the nature of consciousness and technology. Their work encompasses both temporary and permanent works for public spaces, commercial projects, private collections, and international exhibitions. They are represented by ESPACE in the Middle East, with whom they have partnered for Forever Is Now.


Working with optics, geometry, light, and glass, and underpinned by a spirit of collaboration, the artists have developed projects with world-renowned scientists working in neuroscience, cosmology, and imaging technologies, as well as architects, engineers, and technicians. Claudia Moseley, MRBS, holds a degree in Fine Art and Textiles (Goldsmiths University) and an MA in Environmental Anthropology. Edward Shuster, PhD FRSA MRBS, is a Doctor of Philosophy (European Graduate School) and a researcher in Eastern and Western esoteric philosophies.


In 2020, Shuster + Moseley realized Horizon of Day and Night, a permanent large-scale artwork commissioned for the UNESCO World Heritage site of AlUla.The duo was also selected for the 2019 Oxford Nano Imaging Artist in Residence Program resulting in Brain Gazing, a virtual artwork representing a neural web, in collaboration with scientists at Cambridge University and UCL. Other commissions include What Matters: The Scattering, an immersive 16m-long suspended glass and light work for Lumiere Festival, created in collaboration with the Institute for Computational Cosmology and awarded merit winner at the CODAawards.