Downtown Cairo, March 2021



Art D’Égypte in collaboration with Cairo Photo Week, Al Ismaelia and DHL as our logistical partner. and a ground-breaking collection of artists fostered this exhibition, that is exploring the “feminine” in all its forms and embodiments.


The Mu’anath exhibition will explore the feminine appropriation rooted in our cultural identity through photography, painting and sculpture. The perception of the Mu’anath in our day-to-day lives can take the form of an inanimate object, a person, a figure, a structure, an abstract form or even in the way we see and feel things. The Mu’anath is fluid, it adapts, it is flexible and it strongly lies in one’s freedom.

The multidisciplinary collection of artists who are participating in this exhibition are Alia El Goan, Bahia Shehab, Botros Saied , Farida El Bustany, Hagar Barakat, Hamed Abdallah, Khaled Abdo, Marwa Adel, Mostafa Mahmoud, Nadia Mounierm, Nelly El Sharkawy, Nevine Hamza, Noha El Jrabawy, Nora Baraka, Omar Lotfy, Reem Osama, Riham El Adl, Salma El Serafi, Taha Nasr, Yehia El Alayli.

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