Downtown Cairo

24 January - 13 February 2021



Technocrats invites people to enter a space where artists rule. Every artist dominates their own space, and the visitor is immersed in their world. Technocracy as a concept entails that the ruling class be made entirely of people who excel in their intellectual fields. They are not chosen haphazardly, but based on their intellect and technical expertise. This exhibition is a miniature recreation of a technocratic system, where the gallery space represents the world and the rulers are the artists. As one enters each room, they enter a world that the artist has created. Once you enter the artists space you abide by their rules, reimaging a new reality through the artists vision and art, their own rules theories and ideas.


The technocrats are Ahmed El Shaer, Eman El Banna, Marwan El Gamal, Marianne Fahmy, Nada Baraka, Shadwa Ali and Dina Jereidini. Every room is its own universe. These are the artist rules. Through their pieces and vision, they have transformed their space into an entire universe where they set the rules. In the hopes of overtaking whoever enters their realm, with their ideals. Artists are creating livable parallel universes, based on their imagination and own rules. This exhibition aims to blur boundaries of our concrete world. Merging multiple realities together and offering an alternative world.




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