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Art D'Égypte's fourth exhibition, will be occupying the Giza Plateau, October 2021. For the first time in the 4500-year-long history of the pyramids, the first international art exhibition to take place at the Giza Pyramids & the surrounding plateau, under the auspices of the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Patronage of UNESCO




Art D’Égypte is a platform, founded by Nadine Abdel Ghaffar, that aims to promote Egyptian art while highlighting and preserving our heritage sites. Yearly exhibitions show contemporary Egyptian art within a historical setting in order to link our past to our creative present. By doing so we aim to shed light on Egyptian heritage sites to encourage in-kind donations and preserve them through “Public - Private Partnerships”. 


Additionally, Art D’Égypte undertakes a number of activities that support both the heritage and visual art sectors. We are an established art consultancy service providing private and corporate advice. Over the last year Art D’Égypte has collaborated with partners to create art scholarships and artist residency programs. Public events are hosted regularly, including free talks and lectures to make art accessible to all. Cataloguing and filming documentaries are further tools that help us preserve and promote Egypt's cultural heritage.


Finally, the team maintains strong international links that allow us to collaborate with institutions abroad to bridge the gap between Egypt and the rest of the world, and provide Egyptian art international exposure.  Art D’Égypte  aim to promote Egyptian artists, revive our heritage, bring back cultural tourism to Egypt, create awareness and shed light on positive things in Egypt.





Art D’Égypte organizes a yearly contemporary Egyptian art exhibition in a historic site for the first time in Egypt to shed the light on the rich cultural heritage and help preserve it, while presenting Egypt’s contemporary creations to the world.



In addition to creating new markets for Egyptian art and highlighting the complexity and richness of the Egyptian cultural landscape, Art D'Egypte also aims to draw attention to rehabilitation of Egyptian historical sites.



The company functions as a social enterprise, collaborating with the private and public sectors to create art scholarships, artists' residency programs, host talks and lectures and similar initiatives.




Nadine A. Ghaffar

Founder and General Manager

Nadine is a multitalented professional. Her hard-work, interest and dedication to art and design help her enhance the cultural and social development landscape in Egypt. In 2005 she decided to professionalize her passion by studying curating at the Central Saint Martin school of arts in London and started organizing exhibitions in Egypt and Dubai to promote Egyptian art and artists. Her well-kept connections with collectors and artists are a solid base for her work. She is committed to documenting Egypt’s modern art heritage. As a result of her experience and commitment to the promotion of Egyptian art she established the art consultancy Art D’Égypte, which aims to promote Egyptian art nationally, regionally and internationally. Abdelghaffar received the rank of Chavelier de l'Ordre des Arts et des Lettres for Art D'Egypte's dedication to contemporary creation and the promotion of Egyptian artists abroad. 


Malak Shenouda

Executive Director

Malak studied visual arts and sociology at the American University in Cairo. Her work includes archival research with writers and documentary makers, curating, writing and organizing art-related events. She has worked with art consultancies, artists, cultural institutions, film and art festivals, in London, Berlin and Cairo, such as Forum Expanded Berlinale, and D-Caf. In 2018, she was selected as one of the 10 residents of the Roznama Studio Program organized by Medrar. Shenouda also has her own multi-disciplinary artistic practice and has been part of several group exhibitions in Egypt, and has been on the curating team of Art D’Égypte for two years.

Hana El Beblawy

‪Hana El Beblawy is a Cairo based visual artist who studied visual arts and architecture at the American University in Cairo. She has been involved in the Egyptian art scene and collaborated with several international artists and curators. Her work is conceptual and research based. In her work she always questions the idea of the private vs the public and how the private will no more remain private while using archival footage. She took part of various group exhibition and competitions for contemporary Art in Egypt.

Executive Art Director

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Hanya Elghamry is a multidisciplinairy visual artist. She studied Visual Arts and Integrated Marketing Communication at the American University in Cairo. Her work usually discusses the integration of memory with human metamorphosis, and its surrounding environment. She took part in various group exhibitions in Egypt along the years.

Hanya Elghamry

Junior coordinator


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