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    ResiliArt is a global movement organized by UNESCO to support artists and raise awareness on the consequences of the current restraint measures as well as the significance of cultural and creative industries to economic development. This debate will be the first debate hosted in Egypt. 

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    Cultural Podcast

    Cultural Conversation is a podcast produced by art consultancy Art D' Egypte talking to leaders, disruptors and pioneer in the local, regional and global creative economy. The podcast aims to shed light on the movers and shakers who are building and reimagining our cultural landscape.

  • the Mahy Khalifa scholarship

    This art scholarship is scheduled to launch in 2020 by Art D'Égypte in partnership with Dina Shehata in the loving memory of her mother Mahy Khalifa whom was an art lover and collector.

  • "Reimagined Narratives"

    Collateral Program

    The collateral program, is running in parallel with the exhibition "Reimagined Narratives" in four historical venues on Mu'iz Street. The collateral program includes talks and workshops by local, regional and international speakers, educators, scholars and experts in the field of art. 

  • Christie's London - Talk

    Art D'Égypte organized a panel talk at Christie's London, with Nadine Abdel Ghaffar, Art D'Égypte's founder among the three speakers presenting Egypt's creative scene, from ancient, to modern and contemporary art.

  •  Manial Public Lecture series

    A rich program of free public lectures was held weekly, parallel to "Nothing Vanishes, Everything Transforms" exhibition, to ensure the accessibility of art education, and allow the biggest number of students and art enthusiasts to witness the exhibition on display.

  • Sawiris Art Scholarship

    The Sawiris Arts & Culture Scholarship program targets highly motivated, talented and socially engaged applicants, who are aware of the important role art plays in a flourishing and developing society.

  • City Art Walk 

    (Powered by al Ismaelia group)

    Our guests toured Downtown Cairo, during the opening weekend of the exhibition “Nothing Vanishes Everything Transorfms”, exploring art galleries, discovering Egyptian artists and visiting iconic buildings with some of Egypt's top architects and historians. 

  • Morning Coffee and 
    Art Conversations

    Following on the success of Art D’Égypte’s “Night at the Egyptian Musem” in Tahrir square, October 2017, a selection was exhibited in Westtown hub SODIC, Cairo. A Panel discussion was organized with 5 speakers to discuss different aspects of the art-scene.

  • Residencies for Artists

    Under Construction

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